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Epic Games reportedly in talks to produce a Fortnite movie

In letter : Movie and TV adaptations of video games have been hit and miss. Most have been massive failures, with the exception of a few here and there – the Netflix originals The Witcher and Castlevania being a few examples of rough diamonds. The recent capitalization of such adaptations would have prompted Epic Games to produce a Fortnite movie. Good luck with that.

Epic Games may be looking to expand its reach into Hollywood and are considering a film adaptation of Fortnite. Insiders familiar with the project told The Insider that the video game company wants to “diversify” in the face of legal fees related to its antitrust lawsuits against Apple and Google.

Earlier this year, Epic reportedly sniped several executives from Lucasfilm. Former Lucasfilm VP of Physical Production Jason McGatlin is now Epic’s President of Special Projects. McGatlin has served as executive producer on all of the Star Wars films produced by Disney.

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The game developer also brought in Chris Furia, former vice president of production finance at Lucasfilm, and Lynn Bartsch, former head of commercial and legal affairs at Lucasfilm, to reprise their roles in the new division of Epic. . Anonymous sources say discussions about a Fortnite movie are already underway but have not delved into details.

It’s a little hard to imagine what a “Fortnite: The Movie” would look like. The game has 18 story seasons to shoot, including a collision of comets in season 4, an evil Santa Claus commando in season 7, and a black hole that devoured the entire map in season 10. Then it There were various crossover events that introduced several existing characters, including DC and Marvel superheroes, a Stranger Things, John Wick, the Predator, and even the Master Chief from Halo. Then again, a Fortnite movie could be something completely original but based on the Fortnite universe.

It’s far too early to speculate on what a big-screen adaptation of Fortnite would entail. Epic hasn’t commented on the situation, so at this point it’s just rumors. However, if the report is correct, a movie is not even early in pre-production. If the so-called talks are successful, it will likely be years before a movie comes out.


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