DoT enables telecommunications operators to digitize CAFs

Telecom operators have been allowed to digitize customer request forms, a move that should make it easier to update subscriber data.

The provision also frees telecom operators from the storage of paper customer request forms (CAF) in warehouses.

“Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) are permitted to store digitally scanned color copies of CAF documents on paper. Scanned copies of CAF documents must be retained for all active customers, ”the Telecommunications Department’s guidelines for digitizing paper CAFs said on Monday.

CAF documents include CAF documents as well as proof of identity and address.

Telecom operators will have to keep digitized copies of CAF documents for a period of three years in the event of migrated and disconnected subscribers.

“CAF paper documents may be destroyed after scanning, unless otherwise specified by the licensor / law enforcement agencies / courts,” the guidelines say.

Current provision exempt

The current arrangement for storing CAF paper documents in PST warehouses is removed and auditing of CAF paper document warehouses is not required, the DoT said.

Telecommunications industry body Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) CEO SP Kochhar said the country is moving forward into a digital age and these guidelines are part of a landmark decision that will help telecom operators maintain and streamline processes.

“This will lead to the creation of an electronic database which will facilitate business, facilitate faster delivery of services and also an environmentally friendly initiative to have digital CAFs,” Kochhar said.

The telecom CAFs are very important documents and penalties in the order of 1,000 to 50,000 per form are imposed on telecom operators in the event of an anomaly in compliance with the rules.

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