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Dogecoin meme NFT – Dogecoin meme NFT is worth millions for fractional ownership: here is how you can buy it for $ 1

The ‘Doge’ meme is one of the most recognizable memes of early 2010. Even before it triggered what would be a popular cryptocurrency years later, the meme was winning hearts and smiles across the web. . An NFT (non-fungible token) of the original photo of the famous Shiba Inu named Kabosu was sold for a record price of 1,696 ETH in June, which in current prices equates to around Rs 40 crore.

Although this is a large sum of money for most people, those who want to be a part of the Dogecoin phenomenon can now own a fraction of the original Doge NFT for as little as $ 1, or around Rs 73. This is made possible by fractional art, an online platform that allows you to buy fractions of NFT, allowing you to become partial owners of “Collectible NFTs You Couldn’t Afford Otherwise”.

The Doge meme was “split up” by the PleasrDAO art collective, which currently split the NFT of the meme into 17 billion ERC-20 tokens, or in this case, something PleasrDAO calls DOG tokens.

dogecoin, doge, doge meme, doge meme nft, doge nft, The Doge meme was “split up” by the art collective PleasrDAO. (Image source:

“Speaking of numbers, there will initially be 20% of the total supply of $ DOG available in the auction. That’s $ 3,393,939,393 DOG out of the total supply of 16,969,696,969. An additional 25% of the $ DOG tokens have been allocated to community $ DOG programs and continuing development, “said Jamis Johnson, director of” Pleasing At PleasrDAO in a blog post.

“For the moment, it’s a little as if the Louvre decided to fictionalize the Mona Lisa and distribute part of it to the public. However, unlike the Louvre, collective ownership of art is really only possible using crypto art, ”adds Johnson.

How to get a fraction of the Doge NFT?

Interested users can load Ethereum (ETH) into their cryptocurrency wallets like MetaMask or Rainbow and can head to the SushiSwap app to convert their ETH to Wrapped ETH to make it compatible with Miso auction (

Once your wallet is logged in, you can go to Marketplace> Live Sales in the left menu where you should find the $ DOG sale.

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