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Deathloop’s best trinkets: each explained

No Bethesda game is complete without a world full of buffs, mods, and upgrades. Death loop is no exception, and the upgrades in question come in the form of trinkets. Colt will need to level up and his arsenal if he plans to take down the Eight Visionaries. But what trinkets should he use? Here are the best trinkets from Death loop and why you should use them.

What are trinkets?

Deathloop's Hipster Trinket is locked because it is already equipped.

Trinkets are separated into two categories divided into three levels of rarity. Weapon jewelry attaches to your guns and improves accuracy, bullet penetration, rate of fire, and damage. Character Jewels are passive abilities related to Colt. They will increase his damage absorption, allow him to do a double jump, and regenerate his health and potency.

All trinkets fall into three levels of rarity: common (gray), uncommon (blue), and rare (purple). However, you will find the same gem in all three rarities (see image above). The rare Hipster Trinket is better than the rare version. However, you cannot stack them for increased effect. Notice how the Uncommon Hipster is locked in the same picture.

You’ll find trinkets hidden all over Blackreeef and on the bodies of dead Eternalists. Kill Visionaries for a bundle of Rare Trinkets that can be equipped or sacrificed for additional residue. You will only need one copy of each character trinket. You can sacrifice everyone else.

When it comes to weapon trinkets, you’ll need multiple copies of those listed below. These are trinkets that you’ll want to equip on every weapon in your gear. While you can freely move trinkets between weapons, having multiple copies makes your life easier. You have infinite inventory space.

Best weapon trinkets

Deathloop shotgun with the best trinkets.

These are the five best weapon trinkets in Death loop. These jewels work with most weapons. Each gem mentioned below assumes you are using the rare version.


  • “The distance your weapon deals all damage is dramatically increased.”

Lightning Strike turns your Tribunal pistol into a sniper rifle, especially when paired with some of the other trinkets on this list. Besides the Tribunal, you can also increase the range of your shotgun shots. Pair Lighting Strike with Hipster for a tighter distribution over a greater distance. Lightning Strike essentially turns close range weapons into medium range weapons. Since most of your kills will be done mid-range in Deathloop, the Lightning Strike Trinket weapon gets the top spot on the list.

Fast charger

  • “The reload speed is dramatically increased. It is practice makes perfect.”

“Greatly increased” is an understatement. Speedloader is as close to instant reloading as it gets. This is especially useful on shotguns, rapiers, and MG-1s, as all three of these weapons have long reload times. If you’re one of those players who reloads after every kill (let’s face it, most of us are), Speedloader will be your favorite gem of a weapon.

Safe shot

  • “Greatly increases the range at which this weapon is accurate.”

Again, “dramatically increases” is an understatement. We pretty much ran the entire game with a rare, silent Tribunal equipped with Sure Shot and Lightning Strike and we never broke a sweat. Sure Shot is a must have on all guns. Sure Shot is probably overkill for sniper rifles and rapiers, but it’s still effective if you feel like killing through the map.

Shock absorber

  • “Dramatically reduces recoil.”

The MG-1 and LIMP-10 pack a punch. The shock absorber eliminates that. While you may not need it on shotguns and pistols, large barrels and high rate of fire weapons will use this gem. The most important weapon to use Shock Absorber on is Frank’s Constancy Automatic. This weapon kicks like a mule, but if you control that recoil and equip it with Hailfire and Straight Shooter, you are looking at a leading weapon in Death loop.

Crack shot

  • “Aiming down takes a lot less time. Headshots have never been easier.

To complete the list of weapon trinkets, there’s Crack Shot. Ideally, you are playing with the ironsight snap setting. This snaps your reticle onto a target when aiming near it. With an ADS speed buff, you’ll lock onto Eternalist heads and take them out one quiet bullet at a time.

Best Character Trinkets

Character trinkets in Deathloop.

These are the top five character trinkets in Death loop. Bethesda missed the opportunity to add more risk-reward trinkets to the game because you’ll be struggling not using the Trinkets character from this listing.

Terrifying death

  • “Barely make a whisper of a sound as you move. Be the night breeze.

Creeping Death is the best character jewel in Death loop, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda hits it with a week-long nerf. Creeping Death eliminates the need to crouch as you can run around and assassinate any eternalist who doesn’t make direct eye contact with you. Try using any other trinket, and you’ll quickly learn how much you rely on Creeping Death.

Spring Heels

  • “Double jump in the air. A classic maneuver.

Spring Heeled is the first rare character gem you’ll find, and it’ll be with you throughout the game. Colt’s double-jump will gain access to impossible-to-reach places like windows and ledges on the second floor. These vantage points help repel your enemies and make it much easier to navigate Blackreef. Again, try not to use it and see how quickly you roll back.


  • “Move at high speed. Ride the wind.

Sprinter is the first interchangeable benefit on the list. If you are shopping around Blackreef and don’t mind killing anything just yet, Sprinter will get you from A to B very quickly. Combined with Creeping Death, you will bounce between eternalists like the wind.

Turtle shell

  • “Greatly reduces damage taken.”

Death loop is a Souls-like game, and rule # 1 of Dark souls it is not to suffer damage. Therefore, anything that can increase Colt’s HP or damage absorption is a gem you should use.

So why do we like Turtle Shell more than, say, Comeback Kid, which allows you to regenerate more total health, or Never Say Die, which increases your overall HP? For starters, health regeneration is not something that worries us too much in Death loop. With Fiz Pop cartridges and stations around every corner, it’s not difficult to replenish your HP before embarking on the next shootout. However, there is no reason not to use Turtle Shell with Comeback Kid or Never Say Die. We recommend that you do so.

Gold harvest

  • “Collect a large amount of residue from all sources. Delicious.”

You will not use this jewel unless you participate in a waste collection. With Golden Harvest equipped, you will collect an additional 15% residue from all sources. You actually gain 11,500 Residues from Dead Visionaries instead of the base 10,000. Remember to take it off when tackling hard-to-kill visionaries. If you’ve found Charlie and Fia’s secret hiding place, head to the Nexus Slab, Aether Slab, One Shot Weapon, and Golden Harvest for an easy 23,000 residue.

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