Caller-ID Truecaller App Now Supports Fast Switching Dual SIMs on Smartphones

Dual-SIM phones are in great demand today. Regardless of the price, one thing is for sure, most brands selling their phones these days offer dual SIM support. It basically helps the user to seamlessly engage with both sides of their life. But this has not really been the case for applications that are not yet adapting to these demands and trends. In a country like India, dual SIM phone use is estimated at over 40% of out of the billions of smartphone users. Also, with data and network costs being a constant issue, switching back and forth between SIM cards can be something of a nightmare.

This is where Truecaller comes in by becoming proficient in this “dual” era. So the next time your dual SIM won’t be able to read and identify all of your phone’s contacts, you’ll know where to go.

The popular Caller ID app has been updated with lots of features that offer caller details on multiple SIM cards seamlessly. “On many Android devices on the market, you had to go to your settings, find the right menu item, then change the default SIM cards for calls or texts, then go back to the dialer to make the call or place a call. SMS With Truedialer, you are just one click away from being able to change SIM cards and make calls, saving time and money, with more convenience ”, as stated by the application company elle -same.

The new features are bundled with the updated version of the Truecaller app, available on all platforms; Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry as well. It may not seem important, but ask any serious dual SIM user and they will give you the answer.

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