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Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will receive kernel-level anti-cheat technology this year

Looking to the future: Kernel-level driver-based anti-cheat methods are a concern for privacy-conscious PC gamers, and yet they continue to gain popularity across a growing variety of new and existing titles. Valorant was one of the more notorious games to include core-level anti-cheat technology known as “Vanguard,” but now Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Vanguard (confusing, we know ) receive similar technology.

However, the keyword here is “similar”. While this technology is probably controversial no matter what, given that kernel-level access can always pose a security risk, Activision’s “RICOCHET Anti-Cheat” will not always be activated like that of Valorant. was at the beginning.

Instead, it will turn on when you start a game of Warzone or Vanguard (it’s not clear whether solo or offline matches count), and then turn off again when the respective games are closed.

RICOCHET’s deployment is part of a larger goal of fighting “foul play” in the competitive gaming scene, according to Activision. Other components of this strategy involve new “server-side tools” that can monitor scans to identify cheating (whatever that means), an “improved investigation process” when someone is suspected of cheating, and improvements. security of user accounts.

The entire RICOCHET Anti-Cheat initiative will arrive with the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard on November 5, 2021. Warzone’s RICOCHET implementation does not yet have an exact release date, but Activision is hoping to release it. implemented “later this year” with the game’s Pacific update.

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of RICOCHET. Cheaters and game developers will always be locked in an endless arms race. As long as the first group exists, there will be a demand for sophisticated, often paid, software to circumvent the rules of the game. As a result, game developers will continue to play Whack-a-mole. Maybe one side will win in the future, but for now the battle continues.


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