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Byju focuses on creating internal technological innovations

Over a dozen acquisition transactions later, Byju’s is focused on building in-house technology solutions as part of its new Byju’s Lab initiative.

Led by the company’s director of innovation and learning, Dev Roy, Byju’s lab will be based in the UK, US and India. The hub will integrate AI and ML specialists, as well as hires in psychometrics and other fields that could help the team better understand how students absorb and consume content.

“We are already thought leaders in the area of ​​content and learning. Now, with Byju’s Lab, we want to become thought leaders in the use of technology in education. This is the genesis of the Byju lab, ”Roy told BusinessLine. The new company will incubate new ideas, deliver cutting-edge technologies, and deliver solutions across Byju’s learning product ecosystem.

In general, the laboratory will focus on deepening the personalization and democratization of a student’s learning path. Roy noted that children are multimodal, some of them like to watch videos, while others like to do problem games. Some children prefer to work alone and others prefer to have scaffolding. The Byju’s Lab team will strive to find ways to use technology to address each of these multimodal natures without pushing children out of their preferred learning mode or environment.

Additionally, in terms of democratizing education, the team will explore building systems that can enable children in remote locations to access technology-assisted learning that equates to education offered in large cities. of the world.

Speaking of the indicators of success for Byju’s Lab, Roy said there are two indicators of success: one is whether the initiative is able to achieve some of the business goals of democratizing and better personalizing education. Second, there are the halo goals, which is when people recognize Byju as the pioneer in the use of AI and ML in education.

Internal acquisition vs innovation

Byju’s officially announced ten acquisitions in the edtech space, including Tynker, Gradeup, TutorVista, Edurite, Math Adventures, Osmo, Whitehat Jr, Aakash Education Services, Epic and Great Learning. Launched in 2011 as an offline business, Byju’s has now incorporated technology into all of its product offerings and a significant part of that journey could be attributed to the company’s many acquisition transactions.

For example, the American Osmo platform that Byju acquired in 2019 created a phygital (physical + digital) game for kids, where kids could solve a math problem on a physical book and the app captured it. . After the acquisition, Osmo’s platform was integrated into all of Byju’s products and is also one of the main reasons the company acquired Osmo.

Likewise, the recently acquired K-12 Creative Coding Platform Tynker has built a proprietary platform to teach coding to children through a story-based curriculum. Byju plans to integrate Tynker with all of its existing platforms and use its technological capabilities to create greater impact beyond just coding. For example, using coding to create art or learn geometry.

Commenting on the benefits of building internal technology solutions to solve sets of problems instead of the acquisition path, Roy said, “When you try to solve a problem and you get a solution from the outside, it doesn’t is usually not a perfect solution. It fixes some parts of the problem while some parts are left out. But when we build the solutions in-house, we can create them the Byju way. Essentially, the lab will work to promote and build technological systems that promote and improve the way of Byju.

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