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Brother printers may not work in Windows 11 if connected via USB

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Brother warns that many of their printers may stop working or display errors when using a USB connection in Windows 11.

A help article states that updating to Windows 11 could prevent the operating system from detecting your Brother machine when it is connected via USB, from changing printer settings, or from connecting multiple printers via USB.

Brother states that there are 92 printer models affected by this behavior, which are listed below:

DCP-B7500D, DCP-B7535DW, DCP-J1050DW, DCP-J1100DW, DCP-J1140DW, DCP-J1200W(XL), DCP-J572DW, DCP-L2531DW, DCP-L2535D , DCP-L2535DW, DCP-L2550DW, DCP-L3510CDW, DCP-L3551CDW, DCP-L5500D, DCP-L5600DN, DCP-T220, DCP-T310, DCP-T420W, DCP-T510W, DCP-T520W, DCP-T710W, DCP-T720DW, DCP-T820DW, DCP-T825DW, HL-B2000D, HL-B2080DW, HL-L2310D, HL-L2335D, HL-L2350DW, HL-L2351DW, HL-L2370DN, HL-L2375DW, HL-L2376DW, HL-L2385DW, HL-L2386DW, HL-L2395DW, HL-L3210CW, HL-L3230CDN, HL-L3230CDW, HL-L3270CDW, HL-T4000DW, MFC-B7715DW, MFC-J1010DW, MFC-J1300DW, MFC-J2330DW, MFC-J2730DW, MFC-J3530DW, MFC-J3930DW, MFC-J4340DW(XL), MFC-J4440DW, MFC-J4540DW(XL), MFC-J491DW, MFC-J5330DW, MFC-J5730DW, MFC-J5845DW, MFC-J5930DW, MFC-J5945DW, MFC-J6530DW, MFC-J6545DW, MFC-J6730DW, MFC-J690DW, MFC-J6930DW, MFC-J6935DW, MFC-J6945DW, MFC-J890DW, MFC-L2710DW, MFC-L2713DW, MFC-L2715DW, MFC-L2716DW, MFC-L2730DW, MFC-L2750DW, MFC-L2751DW, MFC-L2770DW, MFC-L2771DW, MFC-L3710CW, MFC-L3735CDN, MFC-L3745CDW, MFC-L3750CDW, MFC-L3770CDW, MFC-L5700DN, MFC-L5755DW, MFC-L5900DW, MFC-L6700DW, MFC-L6900DW, MFC-L8690CDW, MFC-L8900CDW, MFC-L9570CDW, MFC-T4500DW, MFC-T810W, MFC-T910DW, MFC-T920DW, MFC-T925DW

While printing, Brother also warns that users of 106 different printer models may receive a “USB Connection Repair Tool” error, stating “Cannot print to USB printer”.

Brother USB Connection Repair Tool in Windows 11
Brother USB Connection Repair Tool in Windows 11

However, Brother says you can ignore the error and the document should print successfully.

Finally, Brother states that printers connected by USB will not be able to communicate with various printing utilities in Windows 11, including:

  • Device Settings Tool
  • Paper Size Configuration Tool
  • Distributed printing tool
  • Special ID setting tool
  • Wireless setup wizard
  • P-Touch Editor 5.4
  • Update software
  • Transfer manager
  • Express transfer
  • Model Parameters
  • Printer setting tool

For users affected by any of these issues, Brother recommends temporarily using a different connection method, such as a wireless or wired network connection.

Brother says they are investigating the issue and working on a resolution.

While Microsoft did not recognize these printing issues, it would not be surprising if they set up a backup on computers with Brother devices that prevent them from being upgraded to Windows 11.

Microsoft is already investigating eight other issues, including backup lockups for networking software, Oracle VirtualBox, and the Cốc Cốc web browser.

Thanks to noelprg4 for the advice!


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