Bluetti at CES 2022: announcements not to be missed

Bluetti demonstration stand at CES 2022 with accompanying persons.

CES 2022, or Consumer Electronics Show, is a great opportunity to experience new technologies and see what’s coming up for the year. Many companies announce new products, introduce new features or software updates, etc. But – and it happens every year – some products are more fancy than useful. They can look cool, do cool things, and turn us on, but in the real world, they won’t necessarily make a difference.

This is not at all the case with the latest products from Bluetti, presented this year at the company’s CES booth. In fact, after taking a look at what Bluetti has to offer and what’s to come, we’re more excited than ever.

Bluetti provides top-notch energy storage and accessories on the demand side that aim to do several things. First, they provide great home and travel back-up power solutions. Second, they are much more convenient and environmentally friendly than their gas-hungry counterparts. The brand has a ton of portable power plants, and in many sizes, some big enough to power home appliances and off-grid life, and others that are lighter and more portable for camping or travel. Ultimately, they deliver large capacity, high performance and reliable renewable energy systems, whatever configuration you need.

We got a brief overview of the latest Bluetti products and had the opportunity to interview experts from the Bluetti team at the event. They took a moment to discuss the history of the company, new offerings, and what we can expect in the future. So, let’s connect.

Hi Bluetti, what’s up?

This year Bluetti has three big announcements that certainly got us excited about the future of renewable energy storage and beyond.

  1. It unveiled the world’s first sodium ion solar generator, the NA300, and its compatible battery pack, the B480.
  2. After two years of development, the Bluetti AC500 or The APEX is finally ready.
  3. For those on the go, the small but powerful Bluetti EB3A is sure to exceed all expectations.

Of course, these new offerings are in addition to Bluetti’s current lineup, which includes the AC200P off-grid power beast, the EB55 portable power station, the B230 battery with its built-in capacity of over 2,000 watt hours, and more. again.

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A world first: the Na300 and B480 sodium-ion solar generators from Bluetti

Bluetti, the world's first Na solar generator.

Inheriting the style and design of its predecessor, the EP500 Pro, the latest NA300 and B480 from Bluetti offer improvements in charging speed, capacity and beyond. The NA300 can also be one of the fastest solar charging stations on the market, as it can be recharged from 0% to 80% in just half an hour, thanks to the 6000 AC and PV dual charge functionality.

The NA300 also has a capacity of 3000 watts with a pure sine wave inverter and has four 20 amp plugs with a single 30 amp L14-30 output port. The NA300 and B480’s first generation sodium-ion battery outperforms battery cells widely used in others in low temperature performance, fast charging, and other electrochemical aspects. In a low temperature environment of -20 ° C (-4 ℉), this sodium-ion battery has a capacity retention rate of over 85% and provides system integration efficiency of over 80%, this which is perfect for feeding during the winter or in areas with extremely low temperatures.

With their tailored power options, multitude of load carriers and durable applications, the NA300 and B480 combine to provide a complete system for all your needs. Camping, All Terrain, Home Backup, you name it!

Long-awaited: Bluetti’s AC500 “The Apex” portable power station

Aptly named, the Apex or AC500 offers a huge boost in power thanks to its 5,000 watt pure sine wave inverter, one of the most powerful ever delivered by Bluetti and one of the most powerful on the market. Like the AC300 before it, the AC500 is equipped with a 100% modular solar battery system that works with its own battery module, the B301. It is also backward compatible with Bluetti B300 battery modules released in 2021.

The coolest thing about this system is that you can connect up to six B301 batteries in total, at 3,072 watt-hours per module, for a total of 18,432 watt-hours of total power. It’s not only revolutionary, it’s absolutely limitless in terms of backup power and potential power solutions. That’s enough to meet the needs of an entire family for days on end during a major emergency or power outage. Plus, it charges quickly to full capacity, and you can connect photovoltaic solar charging panels to create a fully sustainable and renewable energy system. Goodbye dirty gasoline.

Revolutionary portability: the compact EB3A power station from Bluetti

Compact power plant Bluetti EB3A and more.

True to its portable namesake, the EB3A stands out from its peers because it doesn’t need a bulky power supply to charge. The AC adapter is integrated, perfectly complementing the 600 watt pure sine wave inverter and 268 watt-hour battery. It also supports up to 200 watts of solar input, so you can charge the unit anywhere if you plug in compatible solar panels.

It’s small, light and powerful – just what you need on the road, in the wilderness and beyond. Not to mention that it charges from 0% to 80% in just 20 minutes and will be competitively priced. All in all, this is a great solution for exploring backpackers and those who hike the open roads. You don’t have to worry about lugging around a bulky power solution and the EB3A will trump any comparable system.

What’s next for Bluetti?

Bluetti plants on display.

The three new plants, combined with all of its previous offerings, secure Bluetti’s place in the portable and sustainable energy market. These systems are durable, powerful, and modular, which means you can customize them to suit your needs. Adding batteries and accessories like solar panels can both increase power capacity and introduce new opportunities, like the ability to recharge anywhere.

While Bluetti products are ideal for all energy needs, they are absolutely essential for RV life, van life and travel. They also provide alternative power sources for a variety of additional applications, such as using equipment and tools, live venues and events, farming, and more. Forget your frustrating search for a nearby power outlet when using your power tools, just bring a Bluetti Power Plant instead! Did you jump in your motorhome for a quick getaway and forgot to charge your system? No problem! You can charge it through your motorhome or plug in solar panels when you stop!

The beauty of Bluetti products is that they can be as portable as you want them to be. If you want a more static option, with extended power and wattage capabilities, you can achieve this by adding additional battery modules and peripherals.

Bluetti will continue to revolutionize the market, as it has done here with its latest launches. What he successfully showcased at CES is just the start, and we can’t wait to see what else is possible and what will be available. Of course, we can’t wait to get our hands on these three new power plants either!

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