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Best WordPress themes of 2021: paid, free and for business

We’ve looked at different types of themes to power your WordPress site. We checked out what would be best for an ecommerce site, what would be best for posting a portfolio, or blogging, that sort of thing. So now it’s time to focus our attention on the most subjective subject of all: what are the best themes, period.

There is no way that such a list would not be colored out of personal preference, but we have tried to do our best, and although you will find some themes that we have already covered in previous articles, we thought we would keep them. interesting things including also a few that have not been raised before. So brace yourself for what are, in our opinion, the best WordPress themes – at least for early 2021

Best WordPress Themes – at a Glance

  1. Astra
  2. Pro Authority
  3. Of them
  4. Inspired
  5. Ocean WP
(Image credit: Astra)

1. Astra

A very popular theme with an impressive number of options to create your ideal site

Reasons to buy

+Fast+Highly customizable+Great ecommerce options

Astra is a very popular WordPress theme. They recently celebrated their millionth active install, which is no small feat. It’s designed to work with various page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Gutenberg, and comes in both free and paid versions, but if you’re looking for ecommerce features, you need to get pro.

Some of the user-friendly features unique to the pro version include infinite scrolling for your products to load dynamically as the visitor scrolls the page, the Off-Canvas sidebar, a great place to incorporate filters and widgets to find this that your customer is looking for faster and easier, and multiple payment options, to customize the layout to suit you and your users’ needs, like two-step checkout or distraction-free checkout for example.

The customization options are pretty impressive, all without having to dive into the code; you can change the layout, typography, and even disable the title page and sidebar if you want. And best of all, Astra is touted as a fast responsive theme, which means it will load quickly to keep your visitors on your site.

Astra offers three different plans, starting with Astra Pro, currently for $ 47 per year (or $ 249 for a one-time fee), up to $ 249 per year for Growth Bundle (or $ 699 for a one-time fee).

(Image credit: StudioPress)

2. Pro Authority

A good theme that can meet a wide variety of needs

Reasons to buy

+Good flexibility and customization+Fully responsive

Authority Pro is a theme designed for businesses and anyone looking to build their branding online. It is built around StudioPress Genesis Framework, which is the tool for designers to create and customize their themes, and works with WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Authority Pro is fully responsive from the start and can connect to ecommerce plugins – in fact, it’s pre-configured for WooCommerce. One feature that we liked and didn’t see enough publicity was its compatibility with accessibility options.

The Genesis Framework and all other StudioPress themes are included in the price of this theme, which you can get for $ 360 per year. This includes support for one year.

(Image credit: elegant themes)

3. Divi

Very versatile visual creative tool for building modern and unique websites

Reasons to buy

+Visual editor+Many customization options+Easy to use

Elegant Themes includes Divi in ​​its all-in-one plan for $ 89 per year (or $ 249 for a one-time purchase). Divi Builder is part of the package, it is a WYSIWYG tool, which allows you to see your site as it ends up appearing, while personalizing it. You can choose from template pages, select your favorite layout, drag and drop elements, change colors, fonts, and more. It all seems pretty straightforward.

Editing elements is done using handy sliders, and everything is very simple. You can apply effects like sepia to an image, change its color balance, opacity, blend more, even control blur, all from within the theme, all on the fly. There are many features in Divi, like shape dividers, 3D transformation tools, the ability to customize hover states, etc. All of this makes Divi look more like an artistic program than a website builder. The upside here is that you can make a website look modern, while still being a lot of fun to use.

(Image credit: Inspiro)

4. Inspire

One of the best themes for those dealing with video and images

Reasons to buy

+Ideal for presenting visual work+Highly customizable

Inspiro focuses on video and photography. It supports full screen slideshows that can include self-hosted videos or videos uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, for example. This theme also includes a Gallery module to help you create portfolios of your videos and photographs, and is fully responsive so your site looks great no matter what device it’s viewed on.

As you might expect, you can fully customize every aspect of Inspiro to turn your site into something truly unique to you. This is done through the theme options panel and the built-in page builder. And if you want to make a living from your photography, Inspiro is fully compatible with WooCommerce, one of the best WordPress e-commerce plugins on the market.

You can get Inspiro for $ 79 per year, which includes a year of updates and support. If you’d rather avoid paying a subscription, you can own it forever for $ 179 – which also includes unlimited updates and support.

(Image credit: Ocean WP)

5. Ocean WP

A beautiful popular theme to help you create striking blogs

Reasons to buy

+The main theme is free+Many customization options

OceanWP is a blog theme that promotes itself as free, and in a way it is. The basic functionality is. It is a very popular WordPress theme, having been downloaded over 3.6 million times. It’s fully responsive, retina ready, and isn’t just for blogging – it’s currently pushing its ecommerce capabilities for example.

One of the great things about OceanWP is the number of demos available – select which one you want to apply to your site with just a few clicks, except there’s a catch: the vast majority of them aren’t free. You’ll find a few free demos, and all of the ones we’ve seen are very well done, but if you fancy a “pro” demo you’ll need to hand out the money.

Prices start at $ 43 per year for 3 sites and come with 13 premium extensions and 185 pro demos. If you work at more than three sites, you can choose Business for 6 ($ 87 per year) or Agency for 50 ($ 143 per year). There’s also a one-time lifetime price if you hate the $ 177, $ 356, and $ 580 subscriptions respectively.

What is a WordPress theme and how does it impact ads?

Choosing the right WordPress theme for your website is more than just going for a minimalist and eye-catching design. To be successful online, you need to have a little more insight. Stephen Marsi, co-founder of Mediavine, shares some thoughts on what it takes to earn online.

Advertising is always a delicate balance. What generates the most revenue and what provides the best user experience? Can these competing factions coexist?

A lot of things factor into this question, including WordPress theme frameworks. Hundreds of thousands of sites use them to customize the functionality and appearance for almost any need, and they can have a significant impact on ad performance as well.

To set up a theme framework, publishers must purchase or download one for free. There are many options and pricing plans for additional features and options.

Not all WordPress sites require a framework – basic sites with a single landing page likely won’t need the customization options they offer – but a lot depends on the flexibility and option they offer. . So what does this have to do with monetization?

For digital content creators, serving the best performing ads on WordPress websites, while also ranking in search engines that send valuable organic traffic, requires the right technology, the right tools, and the right techniques – a combination that not all thematic frameworks offer.

It is essential that WordPress frameworks reflect current Google best practices, including Core Web Vitals, Progressive Web Application (PWA) standards, Lighthouse guidelines and more.

In other words, it is extremely important that any website loads quickly and seamlessly. Pagespeed isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing. It is crucial to be aware of the importance of fast loading pages and the drawbacks inherent in some frameworks.

(ed: It also means that choosing the right WordPress hosting service is also important)

Solutions like the open source WordPress theme framework, Trellis, are built with modern web technologies and designed for site speed and revenue optimization. The 100 Perfect Score goals on desktop and mobile on PageSpeed ​​Insights and Lighthouse – the tool that powers that information – are built into the core development process.

Return to our point of origin; Google and most gamers see user experience as the cornerstone of overall website growth and sustainability. If anything is blocking your site – plugins, jitters, changing content, ads, all of the above – it’s not high quality UX. Which, in turn, hurts your SEO, your traffic, and your ability to monetize that traffic. Everything is interconnected.

Choosing the best WordPress theme framework is essential for content, SEO, and ads to coexist productively. This means a framework that works well with WordPress (the most popular CMS) and focuses on Google best practices.


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