Best Vitamix deals for January 2022

Professional grade Vitamix5200 blender

Are you serious about making your own healthy shakes and smoothies? If you want to get into a serious mix with tough fruits and fibrous veggies, you need to look at Vitamix first. Finding one of the best inexpensive Vitamix deals takes work, and we’ve got you covered. Vitamix blenders are renowned for their power and durability, but inexpensive Vitamix models can be hard to find. We’ve scoured the leading merchants to find the best selection of great deals on Vitamix models and overall VitaMix bestsellers.

Best Vitamix deals

How to choose a Vitamix

Buying a high quality blender is similar to buying a high performance car. Once you decide to shop in either category, you quickly find that there is almost no end. It’s tempting to find and buy the best of the best, but there’s no practical reason to overbuy just to have features and abilities you’ll never use. Fortunately, top-of-the-line Vitamix blenders don’t have price tags near the best production cars in the world, but you can still save money if you buy a blender that will meet your ten or two needs. coming years. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a Vitamix blender.

  • Vitamix Smart System or Classic Blenders – Vitamix Ascent blenders include wireless connectivity and can automatically recognize auto-sensing containers and accessories. All of the smart Vitamix Ascent models all have the same power and versatility with quick 1-10 dials and digital timers. The differences between the Smart System models lie in their user interfaces and controls. Vitamix Classic blenders have simple designs with variable speed controls. If you prefer automation when you can get it, look at the Smart System models. If you are more practical, stick with a Vitamix Classic model.
  • To be able to – Vitamix blenders have 2.2 horsepower, 2.2 horsepower or commercial grade 2.2 horsepower motors. You have to judge which of these powerful motors will do the job for you, but if you don’t need to mix the harshest ingredients for long periods of time every day, the 2 horsepower motor is probably all you need.
  • Containers – Vitamix Classic models come with 48 ounce Classic, 64 ounce Classic, or 64 ounce Low Profile containers. All Vitamix Smart System blenders include a 64 ounce low profile container.
  • New or certified reconditioned – List prices for Vitamix blenders range from $ 250 to $ 600. The manufacturer also sells reconditioned models that are inspected and repaired or adjusted to run like new. Refurbished Vitamix blenders typically sell for $ 100 less than new units, which can be the difference between buying a model with additional features for the same price as a more basic model.
  • Additional features – Similar to choosing between Classic and Smart System blenders, additional features of Vitamix blenders include pre-programmed settings for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, purees and self-clean. If you want and will use these settings, the extra cost will be worth it. Otherwise, it’s like putting a second turbocharger on an already supercharged engine.


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