Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals for January 2022

Shopping for a Samsung Note smartphone? Large screens are now the norm on smartphones, but Samsung has been the one to lead the way with its Galaxy Note family. Large touchscreens are now commonplace and Samsung has continued to release its high-end Note handsets alongside the flagship Galaxy S series. These high-end mobiles come with hefty price tags to match their large-sized screens. , but if you’re looking for smartphone deals and your views are locked on one of those fancy devices, read on. We have all the details on the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals here. We checked high and low to find the best deals. You can always check out these deals too, but below are our top picks for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals

Samsung galaxy note 20

Galaxy Note 20 screen
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While some flagship smartphone lines now include three or even four devices, Samsung typically offers two Note variants. This time it’s no different, and Note fans can choose between the standard Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Standard Galaxy Note 20 phones aren’t that expensive (although we can’t say the same for the Ultra), but they aren’t exactly cheap, either. That said, you usually get what you pay for when it comes to smartphones, and the Galaxy Note 20 doesn’t disappoint from what we’ve seen so far.

The overall design of the Galaxy Note 20 has been nicely updated but still recognizable with a nearly bezel-less design and a pinhole front camera much like its predecessor. On the back, however, you’ll instantly notice a beefed-up camera module (the main lens being capable of shooting 8K videos) that is more in line with new flagships like the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21 series.

One thing that has always set Galaxy Note S series devices apart is the stylus, and Samsung hasn’t forgotten that with the Note 20. The S Pen fits neatly inside the phone’s body, which is fully durable. to water – and this includes the stylus itself and its storage silo. Both models are naturally quite large (as you would expect) and there isn’t much of a difference in size: the Galaxy Note 20 has a 6.7-inch 1080p / 393 pixels per inch display ( ppi) while the Note 20 Ultra is slightly larger. 6.9-inch 1440p / 509 ppi touchscreen, the main difference being resolution and pixel density. Both run on the same Snapdragon 865+ chipset.

The standard Galaxy Note 20 will set you back $ 1,000 (unless you strike a deal, that is), which, while not as shocking as the Ultra’s price, doesn’t still is not a cheap phone. Galaxy Note smartphones have always represented a high-end Android experience and the new Galaxy Note 20 does not shy away from this pedigree. Still, whether you’re a Note fan or just looking for a full-size, 5G-capable Android flagship, the Galaxy Note 20 is absolutely worth a visit.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Andy Boxall / TechToSee

The reviews are out there – and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a beast. Our Note 20 Ultra review describes the new phone as the biggest, nastiest, and most hardcore flagship smartphone you can buy today. Consistent with previous releases, Samsung discontinued two Note devices in 2020 but changed the Plus moniker to “Ultra”. It was a choice that grabbed attention during its announcement, as Galaxy fans know that the Ultra name was recently reserved for the premium member of the flagship S20 family, the Galaxy S20 Ultra – a phone that was selling for $ 1,400. .

As noted above, the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are overall very similar in terms of size and hardware. They run on the same Snapdragon chipset, and the Ultra is just 0.2 inches taller diagonally. Yet while the Note 20’s 6.7-inch display is 1080p with a pixel density of 393 ppi, the Ultra’s OLED touchscreen features 1440p Quad HD resolution with a pixel density of 509 ppi. , resulting in a sharper and more vibrant image.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also offers a boosted RAM of 12 GB, an obvious upgrade from the Note 20’s 8 GB of memory, as well as a larger internal storage option of 512 GB. The rear camera module of The Ultra is also superior to that of the standard Note 20, with a wide 108-megapixel sensor, more powerful zoom capabilities, and more advanced light capture and autofocus features. These improvements, along with the improved display, account for its higher cost. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is clearly the more upscale choice between the two, launched with a price tag of $ 1,300.


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