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Best cheap refurbished iPhone deals and sales for October 2021

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New iPhones can cost a pretty dime – in fact, quite a few pretty pennies. Finding the best cheap iPhone deals can be difficult if you insist on buying a brand new product. If you’re looking for cheap refurbished iPhones, you’re in luck. Many online retailers have repackaged iPhone sales, including Apple itself with its Certified Refurbished iPhone offerings. We’ve rounded up the best cheap refurbished iPhones below and will update this list regularly.

IPhones aren’t the only refurbished products with amazing deals. We’ve also rounded up the best refurbished laptop deals, refurbished MacBook deals, refurbished tablet deals, and refurbished iPad deals.

The best selling refurbished iPhones of the moment

Should you buy a refurbished iPhone?

The bigger question may be “Why wouldn’t you buy a refurbished iPhone?” According to the dealer, you can easily find just about all recent models, configurations and colors in the refurbished iPhone deals. Whether you want an iPhone 12, iPhone 11, or at least some other version of the iPhone 7, you can find what you want without much searching. However, there are differences in sales of refurbished iPhones from resellers, so consider the following before you jump in for any of the first cheap refurbished iPhones you’ll find online.

  • How will you use it? – If you are planning to buy an iPhone but intend to use it only for phone calls and text messaging, one of the first refurbished iPhone deals will do the trick and save you money. hundreds of dollars. If, on the other hand, you’re pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography, you’ll probably want to pick one of the latest iPhones. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is the older generation which is still relatively easy to find and this powerhouse is a great compromise between basic iPhone functionality and power functionality.
  • What can you expect from a refurbished iPhone? – Electronics have no moving parts, so if they work, they work, period. Cases and displays may show wear and the batteries may lose some of their maximum charge time. Major online retailers openly detail the terms and quality of their refurbished iPhone sales. You can expect the refurbishment unit to work like a new unit from the same generation of iPhone except for battery life at many merchants. Retailers typically certify that their refurbished iPhone offerings have been tested to charge to 80% to 90% of the original maximum battery life. Apple takes it a step further and sells certified refurbished iPhones with a new battery and a new outer shell.
  • Guarantee – Warranties for refurbished iPhone sales range from 30-day money-back guarantees to multi-year limited warranties. Since times and conditions differ, make sure you understand what the retailer is offering so you won’t be surprised. Apple’s certified refurbished iPhones are usually the most expensive, for example, but they also come with the same one-year warranty as a brand new iPhone.
  • Cost – Have a budget. You can find inexpensive refurbished iPhones for under $ 200 to over $ 1,000 depending on the generation, model, storage capacity, condition, warranty, and refurbishment process or source from the dealer. Sure, you can usually save more on the newer, more loaded models, but saving $ 300 on a phone that still costs over $ 800 isn’t a great deal if your needs are basic enough. Refurbished iPhone sales are a great way to save money, but ultimately your budget measures how much you spend, not how much you saved.



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