Best cheap bidet deals and sales for October 2021

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The toilet paper shortage linked to last year’s pandemic came as an uncomfortable surprise. With these shortages, many people have sought alternative cleaning methods after using the toilet. There is no shortage of toilet paper, but many people have found that they like the bidet or the bidet toilet seat. You can check out all of the best bidet toilet deals you can buy today below.

The best bidet deals of the day

How to choose a bidet

Bidets aren’t that familiar to most Americans, so choosing the right one for you may be more difficult than you might think, but a bidet is worth it.

The first thing to consider is money. While a bidet will save you money in the long run (over the cost of toilet paper), it’s not a drop in the bucket. An entire unit can cost up to $ 1,000, while a decent toilet seat accessory will set you back north of $ 100. The price of the bidet toilet seat or the actual bidet depends on several factors. The first factor is electrical or non-electrical. Almost all of the cheaper bidets aren’t electric – they work by using the pressure of the water in your home. Electric bidets often come with extras like heated seats, increased adjustable water pressure, ambient noise that muffles the sounds of nature, and more. Most electrical appliances also come with a remote control.

The second factor is the temperature of the water. Almost all bidets offer heated water because cold water on sensitive areas is prohibited. Some models have their own tank that heats and holds hot water, while others are connected to your home’s hot water supply to do the job.

The self-cleaning nozzles are the next factor to consider. Being able to clean the nozzle before using it is a nice feature and feels more hygienic overall. Since splashing occurs inside the toilet bowl when in use, the ability to quickly flush the nozzle is a definite advantage.

Then comes the question of fixing, the complete seat or the complete luminaire. Most wall mount bidets are mechanical. If you don’t want an accessory hanging down the side of your toilet, a seat is the way to go. Seats are more expensive than accessories, but some offer additional features like heated seats and slow-closing lids. Although much more expensive than an accessory or a seat, the features are unmatched when it comes to a complete device. Most of them have a water heater and a seat with adjustable levels for each, adjustable water pressure, a slow closing cover, electronic controls in the form of a remote or attached side panel, a nozzle (or several nozzles) with adjustable positions, and more.

Finally, the installation. You’ll want to go with a toilet seat accessory like Tushy if you want to install it yourself. It’s more complicated and you may have to call the contractors.

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