Best Buy TV Deals Black Friday 2021: Cheapest Prices Today

Best Buy TV’s Black Friday deals have been really awesome so far today, with some great discounts on some of the best Black Friday deals going on right now. Whatever your budget or needs, there are some great Black Friday TV deals for you to check out. These include big discounts on the latest OLED TVs as well as great deals on huge 70-inch TVs. There’s something for everyone in Best Buy Black Friday deals.

Best Buy TV’s Black Friday Deals: Best Deals Today

  • Toshiba 43 inch C350 4K TV –
  • Insignia 58-inch 4K F30 TV –
  • Hisense A6G 4K 60-inch TV –
  • 70-inch Samsung TU6985 4K TV –
  • LG 55 inch C1 OLED –

Toshiba 43 inch C350 4K TV – $ 290, was $ 370

Toshiba 43 inch 4K TV on white background.

Why buy:

  • Cheap and reliable
  • Integrated Fire TV
  • Bezel-less design
  • Game mode

The Toshiba 43 inch C350 4K TV proves that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality TV. Right now, you can buy it for $ 80 off, making it a pretty good Best Buy TV Black Friday deal. For the price, you get excellent 4K resolution as well as support for Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10. Along with this, Toshiba’s Regza engine improves content if it isn’t already in 4K. It also has other smart features like Fire TV support, so you can watch all your favorite streaming shows with minimal hassle thanks to an intuitive operating system. On top of that, there’s an Alexa voice remote that lets you talk to your TV rather than using buttons. There’s also a low-latency auto-play mode that dramatically reduces input lag when gaming, especially good if you’re playing online with friends or enjoying the latest FPS gameplay. A frameless design means the TV looks very stylish in your living space as well.

Insignia 58-inch F30 4K TV – $ 400, was $ 580

Insignia 58 inch 4K TV on white background.

Why buy:

  • Big screen for the price
  • Voice commands
  • Support for Fire TV
  • eARC connector

With a whopping $ 230 rebate, now is the perfect time to pick up a 58-inch 4K TV for a lot less than usual. The Insignia brand is from Best Buy direct and it’s still pretty good quality for the price. You get all the benefits of 4K resolution on a giant screen, and there’s support for DTS Studio Sound as well. For functionality, there’s Fire TV so you can easily browse the operating system to find your favorite streaming apps and shows. It also supports Apple AirPlay to stream content directly from your phone, tablet or other Apple device. Alexa voice control means there’s no need to take out the remote, and there is eARC HDMI support for added convenience when connecting additional devices. It might not be a big brand, but you have plenty of useful features nonetheless and you are sure to be happy with the size of the big screen.

60-inch Hisense A6G 4K TV – $ 400, was $ 550

Hisense 60 inch 4K TV on white background.

Why buy:

  • Big screen
  • Good brand
  • Useful additional features
  • Android TV functionality

Hisense is still one of the top TV brands, so being able to save $ 150 off the regular price of that 60in 4K TV makes it a very attractive offer. Normally, priced at $ 550, it’s down to $ 400. For the money, you get some fantastic features including Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, as well as a low auto latency mode which means it’s perfectly suited for gaming. This feature means you get smooth gameplay with minimal input lag, which will definitely improve your gaming performance, especially if you’re playing online with friends or playing the latest shooter. Other features include Android TV which you can customize to show your favorite apps and shows, making it easy to pick up where you left off. It also has Chromecast built-in for easy streaming from your smartphone or tablet, as well as a voice remote to talk to your TV instead of pressing buttons. With everything you could possibly need for a living room setup, this Hisense TV is a steal.

70-inch Samsung TU6985 4K TV – $ 600, was $ 750

70 inch Samsung TU6985 4K TV on white background.

Why buy:

  • Big screen
  • Well-respected TV brand
  • Fast operating system
  • Excellent image quality

When it comes to 70 inch TV deals, you really can’t go wrong here. This Samsung 70 inch 4K TV is also one of the best Samsung TV deals right now. Delivering much of what you’d expect from the best 4K TVs, you get a massive 70-inch screen with fantastic picture quality. This is aided by the use of Samsung’s Crystal 4K processor, which optimizes everything you watch. There is also HDR support, and it uses direct lighting technology. This means that you get rows of LEDs that sharpen the contrast between blacks and whites, making whatever you look at look great. PurColor support guarantees you a vibrant, lifelike picture that regular TVs just can’t create. As if that weren’t enough, Samsung’s Tizen operating system is a snap to use, so it’s always easy to find your favorite streaming shows and apps.

LG 55 inch C1 OLED – $ 1,300, was $ 1,500

LG C1 4K 55 inch TV on white background.

Why buy:

  • OLED display
  • Super remote control
  • Fast performance
  • Fantastic quality

OLED TV deals are the ones to watch and this LG C1 OLED is a dream to use. Thanks to OLED technology, each pixel is illuminated individually, which means it can deliver perfect blacks, incredibly rich colors, and seemingly endless contrast. Whether you are playing games or watching a movie, it looks fantastic. Gamers will appreciate its dedicated game mode that reduces input lag, as well as features like Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync. There’s even HDMI 2.1 support for plugging in the latest game consoles. Everyone will appreciate the LG Magic Remote which makes it easy to navigate through content, not to mention the speed of its operating system and how its processor can upgrade the content to look fantastic. There’s also Google Assistant and Alexa built in so you can choose to instruct your TV with your voice rather than pressing buttons. Everything about the TV exudes convenience and high-quality performance.

Should you buy these Best Buy TV Black Friday deals or wait until Cyber ​​Monday?

We think these are probably some of the hottest Best Buy TV deals this Black Friday, so we don’t see any reason to rest on our laurels. You can wait until Cyber ​​Monday to see if the price of these offers drops further, but with no guarantee that the offer will still be in effect on Cyber ​​Monday, you might miss out. This year, there’s even more chance that the TV you want will sell, with the global chip shortage and delivery delays causing most retailers to run out of stock. So if you spot a TV deal that looks epic enough, we recommend that you shop now to avoid disappointment!

Can’t wait to check out Cyber ​​Monday deals, even if you’ve already purchased one of these great Black Friday TV deals from Best Buy? No one is stopping you. And if you find that the product you’ve already ordered is cheaper on Cyber ​​Monday, don’t worry! You can simply purchase the new offer and then cancel your existing order. If your order has already been shipped, you can arrange to return it for a refund. One more thing: Be sure to check delivery dates when purchasing an offer, especially if you’re hoping for your new TV in time for the holidays or giving it away as a gift. The sooner you land an offer, the sooner it will be delivered!


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