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Best Black Friday Kindle Deals 2021: What To Expect

Buy the e-reader you’ve been waiting for during Kindle Black Friday deals and save a ton of cash. We list all the deals on every popular reading device model from Amazon. Having virtually every existing book on hand is such a liberating feeling, and during Kindle Black Friday deals, you can pick one up for less than the price of a new hardcover novel. From the start to the end of Cyber ​​Monday, we’ll be tracking all of the Kindle Black Friday deals available this year.

Of course, you’ll want to weigh the price of the new offerings against the features and benefits of each model. Do you want a paperwhite display with e-ink, or a full tablet capable of playing videos? Read on to find out which models are likely to go on sale and how much you can expect to save.

The best Kindle Black Friday deals we saw last year

Last year we saw Kindle Black Friday deals on all available models. The standard Kindle, which is the cheapest model (and also our favorite), went from $ 90 to just $ 60 almost a week before the technical debut of Black Friday. The Kindle Oasis got a hefty $ 75 discount on Black Friday itself. That puts the most expensive Kindle model at just under $ 200. Amazon waited to reduce the price of the Kindle Paperwhite until Cyber ​​Monday, when it dropped from $ 50 to just $ 160. In addition to discounts on physical models, Amazon gave new Kindle Unlimited members two free months if they signed up on Cyber ​​Monday.

What Black Friday Kindle Deals We’re Expecting This Year

Amazon is the king of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday tech deals, so we have no doubts that every Kindle model will get some sort of discount. On top of that, a new Kindle model is about to arrive, so Amazon might want to offload as much stock as possible before releasing a new 2022 Kindle. The standard Kindle will certainly get the usual $ 60 discount, but we won’t. wouldn’t be surprised if it drops below $ 50 for a limited time. The Kindle Oasis will likely drop below $ 200, and the Paperwhite will hopefully drop below $ 150.

It is very important to compare offers before jumping on one. For example, we tend to see a lot of deals on Kindle offerings. If you buy more than one Kindle or need accessories like cases or bags, these will definitely save you money. Kindle and cases plans will typically save you around $ 30 off the RRP, but you can save up to $ 100 on some plans. One popular offering is the Kindle Kids Edition bundle, which includes a Kindle, a kid-friendly case (usually in the shape of an animal), and an Amazon Kids + year.

If you buy a Kindle on Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday

If you want to guarantee yourself a discounted Kindle, it’s best to do your shopping on Black Friday, or even the week before. As we mentioned above, Amazon slashed its standard Kindle for an entire week ahead of its true Black Friday Kindle deals. You can never predict these things, and once a deal is done, it’s gone forever. We recommend that you buy the first Kindle offering you see that fits your budget. While a different model may go on sale later, the Kindle Oasis, for example, probably won’t get a bigger discount on Cyber ​​Monday than it does on Black Friday. Hold on for whatever model you want, but once it’s on sale grab it as fast as you can.


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