Best Black Friday 2021 Deals Still Online – AirPods, Chromebooks, Apple Watch & More


Apple Watch SE

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Eh eh ! Check out this cheeky offer for the Apple Watch SE. We thought the deal for the $ 219 Apple Watch SE was over, but we were wrong.

If you choose the ‘Abyss Sport Band’ with the 40mm GPS version, you can get it for said princely sum of $ 219.

You should do this, as long as you agree not to have the always-on display. If you don’t like the idea of ​​lifting your wrist to wake up the Watch, go for the Apple Watch 7.

Are you a restless sleeper? Do you want an incredibly positive weight to rain down on you while you sleep?

I don’t really sell that very well here – but this YnM weighted blanket is now available to Prime members only – but if that’s you, you can get it for a few pennies over $ 37, rather than the $ 62.99 the average non-Prime person can see.

I’ve been told twice how fast it sells – so I’m telling you now, dear reader.

I’m not sure if you’ve kept your eye on the TOTAL TechToSee offerings this year, but my word – the team have been amazing.

We have seen so many great deals being selected by our amazing team who, when I counted them, had almost half a century of experience dealing with each other. Hence all the good articles.

I, on the other hand, am so tired that I feel like I might be able to see into the past.

Amazon Prime Day offers unlimited echo dot music

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OK, now I’ll put in a caveat – the Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) costs $ 29.99, but the Echo Dot (3rd gen) only costs $ 19.99 on Amazon and turns out to be a more popular affair.

But you can buy a selection and put them all over your house – pick the more expensive one where people will be looking to look like a sophisticated, high tech person. Good deal.

Echo point

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Have you ever thought about buying an Echo Dot? You should. For $ 29.99, it’s a great choice to make your home smart and a great gift for a parent / sibling who wants to try smart assistants but doesn’t care yet.

Best paired with something like a smart plug, video doorbell, or other smart paraphernalia, but as a stand-alone item it’s still excellent – the sound quality is good enough if you want to play music or just experience the weather. that it is outside.

Okay, here’s one that has fallen in price from yesterday to today, dropping back to the lowest we saw earlier in the week.

If you just want a basic non-4K TV then the Toshiba Smart HD Fire 32 inch TV is up to just $ 129 on Amazon.

You might not like the idea of ​​not having 4K, but let’s be honest – for a lot of content that would be great, and for a bedroom, kitchen, or other general screen it makes a lot of sense. Take this one quickly before it leaves.

Summary of Black Friday 2021 news

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Welcome round … four? Black Friday offers. This has been an incredibly odd year as retailers have finally kept their promise to take the deals out of the manic race at Black Friday itself, and distribute them properly throughout the week.

Walmart on Monday launched a $ 109 Apple Watch 3, discounted AirPods, and even a few PS5 consoles, with others having their bestsellers throughout the week.

But … BUT! … there are still plenty of great deals going on since the day of Black Friday itself, and we’re here to bring all the best to you today so you can still have delicious ones. Christmas shopping.


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