Apple’s Premier League licensing deal is great news for Ted Lasso’s Season 3


Apple has reportedly signed a licensing agreement with the Premier League that will allow for the inclusion of archival footage, actual badges and the trophy itself in future seasons of football drama Ted Lasso.

The deal, worth $ 500,000 according to The Athletic, is expected to mean the shows’ third season will feel more authentic than ever, which Apple is likely hoping to translate into increased viewership numbers.

Ted Lasso Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV Plus and picks up where the show’s first series of episodes left off. The season finale is scheduled to land on Friday, October 8.

The Jason Sudekis-led show, which follows the AFC Richmond fictional fortune, has arguably been the biggest hit so far for the still-young Apple streaming platform. Season 1 has been credited with attracting 25% new viewers, so it makes sense that the company is doing everything possible to double the success of the seasons to come.

It is believed the Premier League weren’t particularly enthusiastic about the show when it first premiered in August last year, but its subsequent popularity has prompted executives to sit down and take note of its potential. as advertising abroad.

According to The Athletic, this licensing deal is therefore intended to spark increased global interest in the Premier League itself, as well as provide Ted Lasso with a more realistic aesthetic – the same premise that allows EA, for example, to d ‘use a specific club. and the similarities of the players in his FIFA football simulators.

Analysis: Apple’s first home run

Ted Lasso is, by most accounts, still the best show on Apple TV Plus.

New series like Foundation and The Shrink Next Door look set to guarantee the platform will see a period of growth in the months to come, but the football show Apples undoubtedly remains its biggest hitter thanks to a winning combination of charm and emotion that gives it a feeling of freshness.

Apple knows it too. The company has renewed Ted Lasso for a third season even before Season 2 begins filming, a testament to their faith in the ability of eponymous protagonist Jason Sudekis to deliver pleasing audience figures for years to come.

We don’t yet know when Ted Lasso’s Season 3 will arrive – as above, his Season 2 finale lands on October 8 – but there’s every chance that this Premier League deal will make him the best series ever. this day.


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