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It was revealed that Apple has applied for a patent to replace the “digital crown,” which is a crown-shaped button on the side of the Apple Watch’s main body, with an optical sensor. If the digital crown replaces the optical sensor, not only will it change the way you use it, but it can also make your Apple Watch more durable.

United States Patent: 11209783,209,783&P/11,209,783. , & RS = PN / 11 209 783

Apple obtains patent to replace Apple Watch digital crown with optical sensor that recognizes user gestures and more – Apple patent recognize-user-gestures-more.html

New patent Apple Watch without digital crown – 9to5Mac

Apple Watch in 2015First modelAppeared, and in 2021 the last modelApple Watch Series 7Appeared. So far, eight models have appeared in such an Apple Watch, but each model has a physical button called a “digital crown” which can be operated by turning and pushing.

Report Apple Patent InformationApple obviouslyAccording to the company, on December 28, 2021, it filed for a patent on a new optical sensor to replace the digital crown. AppleU.S. Patent and Trademark OfficeThe patent filed in Japan was named “Clock with optical sensor for user input”, and it is possible to operate the user interface using the optical sensor. This is why Patently Apple is introducing a patent pending optical sensor as a new sensor to replace the digital crown.

Apple has said in a patent that replacing the digital crown with another sensor will make the Apple Watch more durable and leave more space in the case for another sensor or battery. to augment.

The patent pending optical sensor is installed in exactly the same position as the digital crown.

The optical sensor can detect movement, position, orientation, speed, acceleration, touch, user’s fingers / hands / limbs and can be used with or without direct contact. For example, the distance between the sensor part and the finger is measured as a function of the light source.

Apple Watch Series 4 and later models that support the ECG app have an electric heart sensor on the digital crown. Therefore, the patent document states that the patent pending optical sensor will be equipped with functions for measuring heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen concentration, blood pressure, etc. as well as the operation of the user interface. The Wall Street Journal said the 2022 Apple Watch model will have new health-related features like blood pressure measurement.Reported??

Note that the media related to Apple 9to5Mac says, “Please note that not all Apple patents are implemented in actual products, and even if Apple decides to replace the Digital Crown, it is a reality. It may take several years before it becomes a product. “

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