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Apple’s iPad Pro could finally switch to landscape mode with future updates

Apple could finally look to make the iPad Pro device landscape default. A new leak from Twitter user Dylan (@dylandkt) suggests that the brand could equip the next iPad Pro with a camera placed horizontally, along the longer edge of the tablet.

The leaker doesn’t mention whether the change will be implemented in the next iPad Pro or a later version, but says the change is “in progress”. Check out the tweet below.

The brand should also rotate the logo on the back 90 degrees as well, to match the orientation of the landscape. However, the Magic Keyboard, perhaps the most used accessory with the iPad Pro, already features a landscape logo on the back.

Apple has positioned the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement for a few years, something even more cemented by the inclusion of the brand’s M1 chip in its latest iteration. With all this firepower, the iPad Pro is no longer a portable media device, but a more traditional performance-oriented machine.

So, it would make sense for the company to design the iPad Pro for use in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. The new layout would also mean a more natural design with accessories like the Magic Keyboard case.

iPadOS has also added mouse support now, with the Magic Keyboard getting its own trackpad. Make a landscape orientation look pretty much the way the iPad Pro is supposed to be used. This is also supported by most multimedia images on the iPad Pro which show the tablet in a landscape orientation.



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