Apple will require all account creation app submissions to allow in-app account deletion from January 31, 2022

Apple will require all account creation app submissions to allow in-app account deletion, effective January 31, 2022.

The tech giant updated the App Store Review 5.1.1 guideline last June, giving users greater control over their personal data, indicating that all apps that allow account creation must also allow users to initiate deleting their account from the app. “This requirement applies to all app submissions on or after January 31, 2022. We encourage you to review any laws that may require you to retain certain types of data and to ensure that your app clearly explains what data your application collects, how it collects them. data, all uses of that data, your data retention / deletion policies, and more, as described in the guideline, ”Apple said in an Application Developer Support document.

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This type of data includes electronic health records and sales and warranty records.

Separately, it also announced that the App Store product pages on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey should display a “Report a Problem” link to make it easier for users to report content issues they want. have purchased or downloaded. This feature is currently available to users in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States, and will expand to other regions over time, he said.

Reporting Problems

In addition, users around the world can now choose from “Report scam or fraud” and “Report offensive, abusive or illegal content” options on the reportaproblem.apple.com website and report issues with their apps, including free apps that don’t offer in-app purchases. The Apple App Review, Discovery Fraud and Live Moderation, and Financial Fraud teams are investigating issues reported for signs of fraud, manipulation, abuse and other violations of App Store review guidelines, and will contact the developers to resolve the issues, ”he said in a supporting document.

With respect to “problematic apps”, if they suspect that a developer has engaged in deliberate manipulation, fraud or abuse, they will notify them and take action. The consequences may include the removal of apps and may impact their membership in the Apple Developer Program, as described in the App Store review guidelines, he said.

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