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Apple will fix 120Hz issues with iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max with future updates

Apple launched the iPhone 13 series earlier this month and one of the highlights of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is the new 120Hz ProMotion. However, to be more battery-friendly , 120Hz mode works a little differently on iOS compared to iPads. This apparently caused problems for users.

By default, most third-party apps are currently locked at 60Hz, with 120Hz only appearing for certain animations and scrolling. Users also complained that a bug in iOS 15 limits basic animations to 60Hz. This means that with Apple iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max users scrolling through their Twitter or Facebook timeline, the screen would refresh to 120Hz but the animations would remain locked at 60Hz.

Apple has now promised to release new updates that will fix these errors and allow all apps to work flawlessly with 120Hz displays. Apple has also explained detailed instructions to developers on how they can enable their apps to run smoothly. get the most out of the ProMotion displays on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. You can find these changes here.

In other news, teardowns of various iPhone 13 series phones have started to surface on the web, revealing the detailed specifications of the phones. The first of those teardowns revealed that the iPhone 13 Pro has a larger 3,095mAh battery, as leaks suggested before launch.

Apple has also installed three new Sony camera sensors on the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. According to a GSMArena report, the iPhone 13 Pro has a new Sony IMX703 + Sony IMX772 + Sony IMX713 combination instead of the Sony IMX603 + Sony IMX372 + Sony IMX613 setup on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phone however retains the Sony IMX590 ToF sensor and the Sony IMX514 front camera.


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