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Apple Watch Series 7: Why I will wait for my upgrade

One of my resolutions in 2021 was to lose all of my post-pregnancy weight. While I’m halfway there thanks to strict diet changes and more activity, I have an ulterior motive for this goal. The plan was to get a new Apple Watch this year if I was successful, and I figured it would end up being Series 7.

My trusty Apple Watch Series 3 now has a very cracked screen. And while Apple continues to support it, installing a new OS on the Series 3 has become a very boring exercise as it usually never has enough space for updates. This means I have to go through a cycle of wiping the watch and then reinstalling the software. A tedious exercise that I couldn’t wait to complete this year.

Except that the Apple Watch Series 7 left me a little confused. And I decided to wait for an update. Here is my reasoning. While the larger display is something that might appeal to most users, for someone like me it certainly added to my confusion when reviewing the new watch. Yes, I made my peace with a big screen on the iPhone, but a bigger watch ends up looking terrible on my (still) bony and small hands. If I had to choose and upgrade, I would probably go for the 41mm version, given that it will fit my hands better.

But the main reason I would keep the upgrade is that the Watch Series 7 doesn’t look like a big jump, especially compared to the Series 6. Despite the redesign and more sophisticated display, it is disappointing. For starters, reports say the Apple Watch Series 7 is running the same processor as the previous version, which is the older S6. Apple hasn’t talked too much about the new watch’s performance jump either, the processor wasn’t mentioned unlike last year.

apple watch, apple watch series 7, apple watch 7 Here are the specs of the new Apple Watch. (Image source: Apple)

My other problem is with health sensors. There is no big news this time, which was expected. But what adds to my confusion is that leaks have indicated that a new type of body temperature sensor may be added to the watch in 2022. It will bring new capabilities.

For example, blood oxygen monitoring was an important update to Series 6. But with Series 7, there is no new health feature as such. For someone considering an upgrade, the 6 Series is still a solid option. And since I know I’ll be upgrading my Apple Watch at some point, I think it makes sense to see what the company brings in 2022.

Apple has also not confirmed the price of the Watch Series 7 in India. And we only know that the watch will arrive later in the year, which adds to the uncertainty. I’ll wait and see what gets added to the Apple Watch next year, whether in terms of health sensors or processor, before I make up my mind. For now, I’m fine-tuning my plans. I’m going to have the screen fixed on my Apple Watch Series 3 and see if I can successfully install watchOS8 on it.

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