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Apple ‘Unleashed’ event on October 18, 2021: here’s everything you need to know

Apple Inc. has set a date for a media event to unveil the first redesign of its MacBook Pro laptop in five years: October 18.

The event, which was announced with the tagline “Unleashed,” will be Apple’s second of the fall device launch season. Last month, the company hosted an online event to showcase the iPhone 13 line, the new iPads, and the Apple Watch Series 7.

The new MacBook Pro will be the biggest change to the product since the current design was introduced in October 2016. The new models will be the first high-end MacBook Pros to replace Intel Corp. chips. by processors designed by Apple. The Mac – once Apple’s flagship product – remains a regular seller for the Cupertino, California-based company, generating around 10% of sales.

Likely design changes

The latest models will include a new design, a MagSafe magnetic charger and redesigned displays in 14 and 16 inch sizes. The devices will also flip the HDMI port removed in the latest redesign and remove the controversial touchscreen strip from the keyboard’s touch bar. Apple last upgraded the low-end MacBook Pro late last year with its M1 processor. The high-end MacBook Pro hasn’t been updated for two years.

The new MacBook Pro, internally named J314 and J316, will use a high-end version of the M1 chip, with increased performance for major computing and graphics tasks, Bloomberg News reported earlier this year.

The new chips will have 10 cores in total, including eight high-performance cores for more complex tasks and two low-power cores for more basic operations. They will also be available in 16 and 32 core configurations for graphics. This compares to the M1, which comes with four high-performance cores and four low-power cores and seven or eight graphics cores.

The new chips will eventually make their way to other future Macs. Apple has also been working on a top-of-the-line redesigned Mac mini, a smaller Mac Pro, a larger iMac, a new low-end MacBook Pro, and a redesigned MacBook Air.

In addition to the new Macs, Apple is working on a successor to its low-end AirPods. The new version will look like AirPods Pro and have a redesigned charging case, Bloomberg News reported.


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