Apple Releases iOS 15.2.1: What’s New and How to Install It

Apple has released its latest iOS update for supported iPhones around the world. iOS 15.2.1 does not bring any new functionality but promises fixes for bugs present in older versions. These include bugs around HomeKit, the Messages app, and even Apple CarPlay. Here’s what’s new in the update and how you can install it. Note that the update also comes with a large download size at almost 1GB, although this could vary depending on the exact model you own.

Apple’s iOS 15.2.1 fixes an issue with messages that couldn’t upload photos sent using iCloud links. It also fixes a bug where third-party CarPlay apps were unable to respond to input.

How to install iOS 15.2.1

To download the new update, unlock your iPhone and go to the Settings app. Under the General section, find the Software Update subsection.

Apple’s iOS should refresh the page to show you that a new update is available, along with the changelog. Find out below.

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If you still don’t see an update, try waiting a few more minutes, restarting your phone, and checking this section again.

When the update appears, you should see a Download and Install button. Click on it to start the download. You will see a page with the terms of use. Accept it when prompted and your phone will do the rest. As always, it is recommended to install via WiFi.

You can also download the update and make sure it’s installed later that night while the phone is charging.

Apple launches iOS 15.3 beta 2 for registered developers

Apple has also released a new beta for iOS 15.3 for registered developers. The new version fixes bugs and Apple also mentions that it contains new “improvements”. However, it is not clear if any new features are part of the iOS 15.3 beta.

The update will be available as an OTA (Over the air) download for registered beta users. If you want to try out the beta versions of Apple, you can sign up for free at

However, note that beta versions aren’t always the best daily drivers for your phone, as they often have small issues that could interfere with your daily use.


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