Apple iPad mini owners report jelly scrolling display refresh issue

The new iPads mini was released last week and some users quickly found a glitch with the device. It has been reported that the tablet appears to have an issue that causes its screen to appear wobbly when scrolling.

While the iPad mini’s frozen screen isn’t a major issue for many users, the source of the bug appears to be noticeable when scrolling. Different parts of the screen scroll at different speeds, which can cause images and text to appear as if they are flickering or bouncing.

New iPad mini users have reportedly contacted 9to5Mac and the EdgeDieter Bohn, who posted a slow-motion video of the bug on Twitter. Apple has yet to recognize the problem.


In other news, various users have also spotted a bug on the Apple iPhone 13 series. Some users around the world have noticed that the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature does not work in the latest iPhones, according to a report from 9to5mac.

Unlocking Apple with Apple Watch launched earlier this year, as an additional method to unlock an iPhone with a paired Apple Watch. The issue has now been fixed by Apple on its official support website.

Apple recommends that iPhone 13 owners turn off the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature and use their password instead to unlock the phone until the company releases the update to fix the bug. Users can turn off the Unlock with Apple Watch feature by visiting Settings> Face ID & Passcode.


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