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Apple Fitness +: 5 updates that excite me

Today (September 14), alongside the launches of Apple watch 7 and Apple iphone 13, Apple has announced updates to its Apple Fitness Plus roundup. But what are they and what should subscribers know?

Apple Fitness + will now offer Pilates workouts

Apple has announced that Pilates workouts will be available on the Apple Fitness + platform later this month. With an emphasis on core, strength, and flexibility, Pilates is a brilliant, low-impact exercise that will appeal to a wide range of subscribers.

From new moms returning to fitness, to runners returning from injury, Pilates is a fantastic workout that strengthens and tones. Pilates has been proven to improve posture – something we all need after months of working from home.

Guided meditations will be added weekly to the Apple Fitness + platform

As part of the new mindfulness app, guided meditations will be added to the Fitness + platform each month. Following the lead of Fitbit, which recently announced a partnership with the Calm meditation app, Apple is improving its meditation reach after a year of teaching us that fitness is about more than counting calories or shutting down. rings.

The new Guided Meditations will also be available on Apple Watch as audio each week so you can listen to them on the go.

Apple Fitness +

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Get ready for ski season with the new Apple Fitness + workouts

A slightly niche feature, but one that ski and snowboard fanatics will love, are the winter sports workouts that Apple is adding to its Fitness + offering.

Apple says the workouts were developed with downhill ski racer Ted Ligety, and whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, they’ll get you ready for the snow season.

You can work out with friends on Apple Fitness +

If you’ve been separated from your friends and workout buddies in the past year, Apple has announced that starting this fall, you’ll be able to do joint workouts on Apple Fitness +.

Using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV through Air Play, you’ll be able to connect with up to 32 people, see them while they work out, and celebrate with them as they go. close their rings. It’s a fun update for subscribers.

Apple Fitness + will be available in 15 new countries

A major downside for some users has been the limited availability of Apple Fitness +. Apple announced that later this month, Apple Fitness + will be available in 15 other countries and will have subtitles in six different languages.

While it would be nice to have audio voiceovers in the corresponding languages ​​rather than subtitles, especially when trying to practice, it’s a good step towards a more inclusive platform.

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