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Anker unveils Soundcore’s first smart glasses with interchangeable frames, priced at $ 199.99

In letter : The latest audio glasses come from Anker or, more precisely, its Soundcore sub-brand. Whether you like the concept or not, device makers are counting on it to become a popular wearable accessory for years to come, although it isn’t as futuristic or intriguing as, say, augmented reality glasses.

Anker is the latest manufacturer to join the race to create smart glasses that could see wider adoption by the mainstream. Today, the company’s Soundcore sub-brand launched the Soundcore Frames, which it says will keep you stylish while allowing you to listen to music, take phone calls and hear other sounds. around you. At the same time, those around you will not even realize that you are listening to music.

Soundcore Frames are the company’s first entry into an increasingly crowded space. Still, at $ 199.99 (£ 149.99 in the UK, € 179.99 in the EU, and $ 249 in Canada), they’ll have a good chance of battling alternatives like Amazon Echo frames (249 , $ 99) or similarly priced Bose and Razer Anzu frames. smart glasses. You’ll be able to choose from one of ten different frame designs, but the chunky side temples will only be available with a polished black finish.

Speaking of temples, they are similar to wireless headphones in that they both come with speakers. This is the same design recipe used by other companies making this type of smart glasses, but the Anker pair has the advantage of modularity, which allows you to change frames easily. You can also purchase polarized lenses, blue light filtering lenses, or prescription lenses.

The additional frames cost $ 49.99 (£ 49.99 in the UK, € 49.99 in the EU, and $ 59.99 in Canada) each, and the company lets you virtually try out different models at the help from the Soundcore app and website. The control of the glasses is done with both touch and voice commands. The battery is designed for up to 5.5 hours of continuous music playback. Anker says they’re IPX4 water resistant, so they’ll be able to survive occasional use in light rain.

If you’re ready to give it a try, you can find them on the Soundcore online store, as well as Amazon and Best Buy starting next month.


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