Amazon’s Fallout TV series about to go into production

A screenshot from <em>Fallout 4</em>, the most recent main entry to the game franchise. “><figcaption class=

Enlarge / A screenshot of Fallout 4, the newest main entrance to the game franchise.


The Amazon Prime Video adaptation of the Fallout video game franchise goes into production this year, and its two lead authors have been named, according to reports in Deadline and Variety.

It was previously known that Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy (who worked together on HBO Westworld) would be the executive producers, and Variety and Deadline both report that Nolan will direct the first episode of the series.

But Nolan and Joy won’t be the show’s primary creative leaders. Rather, Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner were tied as showrunners.

Robertson-Dworet wrote the scripts for the superhero film Captain marvel and the 2018 Grave robber movie adaptation. She is also writing a future Star Trek movie slated for release in 2023.

Wagner is best known as one of the main writers of the comedy sketch series Portlandia and to work on modern sitcoms like Office, Silicon Valley, and Baskets.

Robertson-Dworet brings the sci-fi and action / adventure credentials, and Wagner brings the comedy, spanning two foundations of the Fallout franchise’s narrative style.

The series was first announced in July with Nolan and Joy attached, but there were few other details available. We still don’t know much about the show, but the selection of the above two as showrunners suggests that both comedy and action will be central.

For those unfamiliar with, Fallout is a long-standing video game franchise set in a post-apocalyptic alternate future where a cold war between China and the United States becomes hot, leaving the world in a nuclear winter. brutal with mutant creatures and violent bandits. Despite the grim setting, the series is known for its sense of humor as much as its obscurity, with pop culture references, a 1950s aesthetic, strong pulp sci-fi influences, and a biting satire of the American capitalism.

The series was originally a slow-paced, top-down PC role-playing game in the 1990s, but the intellectual property was later bought by game publisher Bethesda Softworks. The most recent installments were made by Bethesda Game Studios, which is best known for the open-world adventure role-playing game series The Elder Scrolls, and recent Fallout games have more in common with these games than with the games. Original Fallout titles from the ’90s.

The series has maintained a deep and cohesive library of lore spanning hundreds of years throughout its journey through its various games, giving the writers of the television series many sources to draw upon.

Although the TV series begins production this year, we do not yet know when it will begin showing to audiences.


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