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A detail leaked on Apple’s next VR headset

Apple’s supposed VR headset wasn’t mentioned in today’s “California Streaming” event, but we learned an important detail about the supposed product.

Very little is known about the experimental device, but according to The Elec, Apple’s next VR headset could feature 3000-pixel-per-inch “micro-OLED” displays.

Elec, a Korean publication, reported that the company had requested a sample of a thin metal mask (FMM) from APS Holdings, a South Korean company.

According to The Elec, Apple will be testing the FMM sample to see if it can be used in mass production of their VR headsets. The FMM is a panel of metallic material used to deposit organic RGB materials and form pixels in OLED displays.

The APS Holdings panel is also an RGB panel, unlike the white panels commonly used for OLED displays, which means it won’t need a color filter. The micro-OLED display also has a few advantages, such as offering pixel sizes ranging from four to 20 micrometers, compared to the 40 to 300 micrometers of standard OLED panels.

Micro-OLED displays also have a faster response time, making them more suitable for virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) platforms.

Famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that micro-OLED displays “would enable a seamless AR experience”, rather than a standard VR experience. It is also reported that Apple may offer a slim and light chassis for its VR headset, compared to the phone-sized displays used in current VR headsets.

Reports suggest that Apple’s VR headset could be available in 2022 at an initial price of $ 3,000.

It is important to note that all of the above information is based on guesswork. Hope we will continue to learn more as the product progresses in development.

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