5 smart home robots you can buy now similar to Amazon Astro

The recent emergence of the Amazon Astro has renewed the debate on the usefulness of household robots. For some people, the Astro may have been the first home robot they heard of, but it’s not even the only option. There are many “home” robots on the market, but not all of them have the same functionality as Astro. On the other hand, many of these robots are significantly cheaper than Astro.

Whether it’s keeping tabs on your pets while you’re away, or a robot that will help teach kids, you don’t have to wait for the release of Amazon Astro to have a useful household robot.

Miko 2

Miko 2

The Miko 2 is described as an “advanced personal robot for children”. He has a decidedly friendly look, with a lively face and a straight body. The Miko 2 has a wide-angle IPS display, a built-in camera, and a variety of proximity sensors to prevent it from crashing into objects. Two loudspeakers on its sides broadcast music and sounds. Like Astro, the Miko 2 uses computer vision to identify and memorize not only faces, but also objects and the environment.

Your child can speak directly to the robot and Miko 2 will respond. It also uses AI algorithms and natural cues to match how your child is feeling. For example, an upset child won’t be greeted by an overly cheerful robot – instead, they might express concern. These same algorithms are used for Miko 2 to learn your child’s preferences and become their friend.

You can also choose from a multitude of different topics for Miko 2 to teach your child. These lessons are not delivered in the traditional way, but rather are brought up in conversation to encourage questions and curiosity. The Miko 2 costs $ 400 and includes free worldwide shipping, plus a one-year manufacturer’s warranty should anything go wrong.

Rocki robot

Cat playing with the Rocki robot.

The Miko 2 is for children, while the Rocki Robot is for your pets. Think of it as a way to stay connected with your pets, even when you’re away. Rocki has it all: automatic feeding, interchangeable accessories and a camera to keep an eye on your pet when you’re away from home. It is not a versatile household robot, but rather a robot with a very specific purpose.

The vending machine is not really for food, but for snacks. It holds up to 15 servings of treats that you can disperse on order. You can do this to help train your pet while you are away; for example, you can ask your new puppy to get up from the couch. If they listen, they feast. It can also be a good way to soothe a pet who might have separation anxiety. The camera (combined with the Rocki app) allows you to glance at your animals, talk to them, and even record a video or take a photo if they are doing something fun.

The robot toy arm allows you to play with your pet when you are away. By default, the toy is a laser pointer, but you can put different kinds of toys on the arm. The Rocki can run for several days or a week without recharging, and its wheels allow it to move easily on carpets and other surfaces. It can turn quickly and even follow your pets around the house. The Rocki sells for $ 250.

Vector robot by Anki

Vector robot by Anki on top of the table.

Anki’s Robot Vector is probably the most Astro-like of all the robots on this list, at least in terms of functionality. The robot is tiny, measuring less than three inches in height, so it certainly won’t be able to haul cargo – however, it can hang around and provide Alexa on the go.

Vector is voice activated and can do everything from taking photos to setting timers. It can perform these features without Alexa; However, enabling its Alexa feature only makes it more useful. Vector includes powerful navigation features that help it avoid obstacles and recognize people. When the power is low, the Vector will automatically return to a charging station.

Updates are applied automatically over Wi-Fi. Vector is built with a lot of personality. The robot is designed to be somewhat of a functional little companion, but its size limits its real usefulness. There are also a few Alexa features that Vector can’t perform, like playing music, but if you start a song on another speaker, you can ask Vector to dance. The robot is available through Amazon for $ 465.

Enabot Ebo Pro

Enabot Ebo Familybot

The Enabot Ebo Pro is an adorable home robot with a focus on home security. It uses powerful AI to track facial recognition, but not just that of humans. The Ebo Pro can also recognize the faces of your pets. This allows him to follow your pet around the house to interact with and monitor him. The Ebo Pro can even record video clips regardless of any command from you, before sending the video material to your phone.

The Ebo Pro has two-way sound that allows you to communicate with pets and family members. The 1080p video stream gives you a wide-angle view of your home so you can keep an eye on your loved ones and your home while you are away. The Ebo Pro can move autonomously and swivel, roll and turn almost silently thanks to its brushless motor.

The Ebo Pro has 32 GB of on-board memory and can connect to 2.4 and 5.8 Wi-Fi frequencies. It moves around the house at a maximum speed of about 1.6 meters per second. Again, like the Vector, the Ebo Pro isn’t a big robot, but its small size makes it the perfect way to interact with animals and keep a somewhat subtle eye on your home.

Samsung Jet Bot AI +

The Samsung Jet Bot cleans in a living room.

The Samsung Jet Bot AI + is a robot vacuum that does more than just clean. It can patrol your home and keep an eye out for trouble with its built-in camera, which allows the Jet Bot AI + to stream through the SmartThings app while it cleans. With its tread-shaped wheels, this thing is more akin to a robot tank than a vacuum cleaner. While it’s certainly eye-catching, it doesn’t look like there’s a camera inside. In a way, this makes it one of the most ideal home security devices out there. A thief would probably not suspect that it is being filmed.

You can configure no-go zones to keep the Jet Bot AI + out of specific zones. If you need to check something in your house, you can ask it to clean any room in your house. You can tag individual rooms through the smart card. While this isn’t the most convenient way to go and investigate a specific area – after all, it will be vacuuming all the time – it adds a layer of integration to this robot that more smart home devices have. need.

The Astro is nothing new. Although it has many powerful and interesting features, it leans on the shoulders of existing models. However, each iteration of the smart home robot is one more step towards a truly powerful and efficient robot. It might not be long before everyone has their own Rosey the Robot to help them clean up.


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