13 clever home office ideas to take you to the next level

Home office ideas are still all the rage as working from home becomes a more permanent fix for many of us. Even if you only work from home a day or two a week, you want your home office to be spacious, welcoming, and convenient, so that it doesn’t put off your productivity or creativity.

A good home office can make all the difference to your everyday mood. It’s not just about having the best office chair or the best office That is. The perfect home office will make the most of its space and have a good balance of decor and functionality. You should have easy access to everything you need, and you should feel comfortable working in this space for most of the day. But what can you do to improve your space? Here are 13 ideas to make your home office look fantastic.

Home office ideas to spruce up your workspace

1. Take advantage of shelves and bookcases

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Shelves and bookcases not only vary the height of your furniture, which can help divide a room, but they also save your life if you’re short on space.

Even if you don’t have a lot of books or work to fill the shelves, you can use all kinds of items, from empty bottles to ornaments, to decorate the room better. If you are a fan of photos, you can use any of the best digital photo frames for a gallery of memories.

2. Upgrade your office

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Your desk is arguably the centerpiece of your home office, so you want it to look and play the role. If you are not attached to your current office, you should consider the options available to you.

Standing desks can help you stretch your legs and improve your overall well-being. While if you are short on space or only occasionally work from home, a floating desk or corner desk might suit the space better. Check best offices for a little inspiration.

3. Stand near a door or window

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Sunlight is believed to increase serotonin levels in the brain, which is associated with improving your mood, while fresh air is good for your digestive system and may help improve your blood pressure as well as your heart rate.

So if you have a window in your home office make sure it’s in your line of sight and you enjoy it. A die best air purifiers can also help keep the air fresh in your home office.

4. Upgrade your lights

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You will also need one of the best desk lamps for cloudy days or if you work late. However, desk lamps are capable of much more than turning on and off. Some models can adjust the brightness and tone, depending on the time of day and what you’re doing. Some can even adjust automatically based on the ambient light level in the room.

While you’re at it, you might want to upgrade your general lighting to some of the best smart bulbs for the same reason. This way your home office can be part of your smart home scheme.

5. Introduce some plants

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Succulents aren’t just for show, they help purify the air and remove airborne toxins. The same can be said for full-sized plants and even indoor trees. Plants also give your home office a more natural feel, so don’t be afraid to scatter a few of them around the room.

If you’re short on space, you can use wall planters such as the Abetree Hanging Planters instead ($ 37.99, Amazon). Just be careful that These 10 Common Houseplants Are Poisonous To Cats And Dogs.

6. Upgrade your chair

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Using the right chair can make all the difference to your work performance. If you don’t feel comfortable or supported throughout the day, it acts as a distraction. Plus, you may end up taking the residual pain with you when you’re done at the end of the day.

the best office chairs It also doesn’t have to hurt your eyes – whether you need extra lumbar support or prefer a leather finish, there is a desk chair for every home office.

7. Take advantage of the nooks and crannies

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If your office layout has nooks and crannies, use these areas. This is especially important if your space is limited. Fill it with what you can – if you manage to squeeze your desk into it, it will appear much less prominent, making a the small room looks bigger.

8. Add mirrors

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Mirrors are an easy way to expand any space. Plus, if it’s placed near a window, you can reflect more natural light into your home office as well.

They are also useful if you are about to join a virtual meeting and need to quickly check your appearance beforehand. Some desks even have a mirror surface for a sleek finish, like this Gasaway desk ($ 409, Wayfair).

9. Go white and bright

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If your home office feels dark and cramped, try changing the color scheme to something lighter. White tones in particular make a room airy and spacious.

If you find the white too intense, go for cream, ivory or pale gray tones; the key is to brighten up the room, so that you feel fresh and rejuvenated when you walk in. Don’t worry about how to clean painted walls or – it is easy to maintain.

10. Add a touch of color

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If your home office is a blank canvas, you can add a splash of color to give it some vibrancy. Whether you go for colorful artwork or maybe a pink office chair, you can easily leave traces of your chosen color theme in your office to make everything come together and give it some personality.

11. Add a sofa

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It sounds like a waste of space, but if you have room, a sofa can really sweeten the intensity of a home office. This makes it more relaxed, intimate and informal, and it can give you another place to sit for virtual meetings.

In my home office, we opted for a sofa that folds out into a bed of soda for maximum convenience. This way my home office doubles as a spare bedroom when needed.

12. Try an accent wall

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If your home office is in your loft and the walls feel like they’re encroaching on them, an accent wall might help. By painting or adding wallpaper to a wall, it can serve as a focal point and give the illusion of more depth.

13. Show your personality

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Remember, this is your home office and you need to be comfortable there first and foremost. So make sure that the decoration integrates your personality, whether you prefer a country spirit or a modern industrial effect, everything is in taste. If you are reflected in the decoration of your office, it will ultimately make you feel more comfortable.


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