100ms raises $ 4.5 million from Accel and Strive.vc

The 100ms live video infrastructure platform has raised $ 4.5 million in seed funding from Accel, with participation from Strive.vc.

100ms provides an infrastructure that allows any business to add Zoom-style video conferencing to their application within hours. It was founded by the team that built a live video infrastructure, fueling billions of minutes of video per day on Facebook and Disney-Hotstar. Funds raised will be used to build the best video engineering team and improve products, creating hundreds of live use case templates, making video access easier for businesses around the world.

During the pandemic, people’s lives shifted to Zoom for studying, seeing doctors, meeting, even spending time. However, the user experience remained shattered as consumers had to juggle different apps and Zoom. As a result, developers rushed to try and add live video in their apps to provide a seamless user experience. However, adding live video to apps with current development platforms could be a long, cumbersome, and expensive process.

The 100ms team, Kshitij Gupta, Aniket Behera and Sarvesh Dwivedi, launched 100ms in October 2020 with a view to democratizing access to live video infrastructure for all. After running in beta for a long time, they released powerful but fully customizable SDKs that allow developers to add Zoom-quality videos to their apps in hours, instead of months. They have already signed clients such as Paytm Insider, BookMyShow, Townscript and Circle.

The rapid growth is driven by companies across all industries that unbundle Zoom – edtech, telehealth, retail, games, fitness, social media and virtual events. Audio rooms – which are all the rage after the clubhouse, did not exist as a category before the pandemic.

“As a video engineer, I understand the complexity of adding live video at scale. For a long time, this infrastructure was only accessible to very few developers. We started 100ms to build a live video infrastructure for the world. Our SDKs are supported on all platforms including IoS / Android / web and are equipped to create high quality videos as well as all extreme cases within a few lines of code. Our infrastructure is designed to handle scale and provides extremely low latency across the globe, ”said Kshitij Gupta, co-founder and CEO, 100ms.

Aniket Behera, co-founder and COO, added: “Zoom is breaking down. Huge markets are unlocked which now take advantage of white label video / audio – edtech, telehealth, game retail, fitness rooms and audio, among others. 100ms aims to be the infrastructure layer for all of these industries.

Abhinav Chaturvedi, Partner at Accel, said: “We believe that all applications of the future will have integrated video and audio. 100ms is the best team to create the best-in-class development product to do this.

“An open and extensible platform, designed by audio / video streaming experts and supported by a budding engaged community, instantly convinced us that the 100ms team is building a premier infrastructure development company. plan to the world, ”said Nikhil Kapur, partner at STRIVE. vc.

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