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The demand for high performance laptops for editing and content production has increased dramatically. In the past, gaming laptops with high specs were primarily used for content creation, but recently several “designer” laptops with specs and options for content experts have been released early on.

However, a full-fledged “business laptop” is different. They are “mobile workstations” that use processors or graphics processors to speed up complex and specialized tasks such as content creation and editing, conception and design, research and simulation early on instead. as general products.

Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 OLED / Reporter Choi Yong-seok

The “Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 OLED (hereinafter referred to as Studio Book Pro 16)”, which Asus released as a new model in 2022, corresponds to such a mobile workstation. Let’s take a look at how they differ from regular high-end, high-performance laptops.

Workstation products, which are PCs for professionals, often adopt a simple and functional design so that users can concentrate on their work. The Asus Studio Book Pro 16 also adopted a minimalist design with minimal decorative elements. The body and exterior of the display cover are made of strong aluminum alloy to provide enough durability to pass military grade testing.

The aluminum alloy body adopts a concise and simple design. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
As you can see from the name of the product, this product is equipped with an OLED display, which has recently increased in laptops. It supports 4K resolution of 3840 × 2400 in a 16 inch size which is one notch larger than the general 14 inch to 15 inch class, and offers picture quality, brightness, contrast and expression. colors suitable for a “professional PC”. . The 16:10 aspect ratio screen is also characterized by showing more information than the general 16: 9 aspect ratio screen.

The display specifications are also exceptional. With a contrast ratio of 1 million to 1, which cannot be matched by ordinary LCD screens, and a fast response time of 0.2 ms (milliseconds), various contents are reproduced clearly without afterimage. It meets 100% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, the standard color gamut of the imaging industry. The delta E value, which means the difference between reality and the color expressed on the screen, is also less than 2 (

The 16-inch OLED display with 4K level resolution expresses various images and images in clear and close-to-original colors. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
“Display HDR 500 True Black” certification, one of the High Dynamic Range (HDR) standards established for OLED displays by VESA, which has jurisdiction over various display standards and color research institutes Pantone, Calman, etc. . It is equipped with display specifications optimized for producing and editing video content for good, such as obtaining color certification from

Opening the cover reveals a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad as well. At the bottom left of the keyboard, one of the peculiarities of this product, the ‘Asus Dial’, attracts attention. Just looking at the three touchpad buttons, one more than a normal laptop, and the large, full-size arrow keys that are handy for moving cursors and items, you can see that this is a produced with a slightly different concept than a normal laptop.

The ‘Asus Dial’, three touchpad buttons, and large arrow keys, not found in regular laptops, are all optimized for the content work environment. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
The biggest difference between a regular laptop and the Studio Book Pro 16 is the CPU and GPU. In the case of the processor, it is equipped with an “Intel Xeon W-series processor” for workstations, not an “Intel Core processor” used in laptops in general. The Tiger Lake-based Xeon W-11955M processor installed in this product provides an 8-core, 16-thread configuration similar to a general base processor, but dedicated instructions for visual effects, 3D rendering, complex 3D CAD, and development of artificial intelligence (AI), simulation, etc. can be taken care of and treated.

The GPU is also equipped with the specialized Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU to speed up professional work, not the general gaming GPU. Unlike general gaming GPUs, which have certain limitations on large-scale video work, CAD and 3D modeling, etc., RTX A-series GPUs support required hardware GPU acceleration and compute acceleration. for such professional tasks without limitations, resulting in much higher working performance and efficiency. provides

It is equipped with an Intel Xeon W-series processor (left) and an Nvidia RTX A5000 GPU, different from general laptops, to provide optimum performance for professional working environments. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
In particular, the A5000, the top model of the RTX A series, offers the possibility of editing up to 8K of high definition video in real time based on its own video memory up to 16 GB. RT Core and Tensor Core can be used for the latest graphics technologies such as real-time ray tracing, realistic lighting, shadows and effects, as well as for AI model development and inference acceleration such as deep learning and machine learning.

True to the name “mobile workstation”, the memory also supports up to 64 GB (32 GB x2) of DDR4 memory. Two NVMe M.2 slots supporting PCIe 4.0 and 3.0, respectively, are also installed, allowing up to two high-performance SSDs that are 5-10 times faster than general SATA SSDs to be installed simultaneously. The additional storage space can be generously expanded by connecting high performance external storage of the Thunderbolt 4 method.

It also has the extensibility to be able to connect various external devices generously. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok

External expansion ports are also important. In addition to the Thunderbolt 4 port mentioned above, a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port that supports 100W PD charging and high-resolution DP video output, a full-size HDMI 2.1 port, a gigabit wired LAN port for stable network connection, high performance camera, etc. It is equipped with all the expansion ports needed as a ‘workstation’, such as the SD Express 7.0 card reader which allows fast loading of original high definition videos.

Calling up the numbering menu in Photoshop with the Asus Dial / Reporter Choi Yong-seok

“Asus Dial”, a feature of this product, helps further improve the working efficiency of Studio Book Pro 16 in various content production environments. For example, in famous business apps like Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, and Adobe’s Lightroom, pressing the Asus jog wheel lets you quickly call up and select a preset function. In addition, by rotating the dial to the left and right, you can intuitively and precisely adjust the zoom, brightness, contrast, rotation and tilt, as well as the level of application of various effects.

You can only comfortably work with content with the Asus Jog Wheel and its own digitizer function. / Asus
The function of the Asus Dial can also be customized via the “ProArt Creator Hub” application which is installed as standard in the Studio Book Pro 16 and can be selected and modified by the user. The Asus Dial is also compatible with Microsoft’s “Surface Dial”, which has a similar purpose. Thanks to this, various functions of the Windows operating system can be controlled faster and easier with the Asus watch face through the ‘Microsoft Wheel’ setting of Windows itself.

The large touchpad itself also has a pen tablet (digitizer) function. Even with the dedicated stylus that supports 1024 pressure levels and the Asus Jog Dial, you can quickly and easily perform various video and photo editing and 3D graphics tasks while reducing keyboard and mouse operations.

Running the “Pro Art Creator Hub” application which takes care of such tasks as system monitoring, adjusting Asus dialing function and correcting screen colors / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
In addition, the Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 is equipped with a number of additional features and security features that do not have to be ashamed of a “mobile workstation”. Through the aforementioned “Pro Art Creator Hub” app, it not only monitors the detailed settings of the laptop, but also provides functions like “Work Smart” which can calibrate the screen color or integrate and manage work applications by type.

Built-in camera with Windows Hello specification that recognizes user’s face and 4 omni-directional microphones that support AI-based noise cancellation function clearly transmit user’s voice to other party in meetings online and video conferencing. A physical shutter attached to the camera prevents unnecessary privacy and leakage of personal information. A fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the power button, so that security can be maintained through fingerprint and face recognition.

The integrated camera has a physical shutter for security and privacy. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok
In summary, Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 OLED is a high-performance laptop for full-fledged business and business users beyond hobbyist-level content work. The biggest advantage is that it is not a desktop computer that can only be used in a fixed location, but a workstation in the form of a laptop that can be moved around. freely at any time. Weighing 2.4 kg and having a capacity of 90 Wh (watt hour), the generous battery allows you to develop an optimal working environment when and where you need it.

As with the fancy specs, the price is quite expensive, starting at around 500,000 won. However, it is a product that offers as much value, functionality and performance as the investment for R&D developers and content experts who wish to maximize labor efficiency and productivity even by investing so much money. and maintaining a comfortable and convenient content work environment anytime, anywhere. That’s it.

The Asus Pro Art Studio Book Pro 16 OLED provides an optimal working environment for content professionals anytime, anywhere. / Reporter Choi Yong-seok

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