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Pixel 6a challenges Samsung for the default Android crown

The year 2022 has heralded a strong resurgence for Samsung, thanks to compelling devices and an unbeatable software update cycle, a combination that earns them the default Android status. But it appears that Google’s Pixel 6a is set to derail ...

US road deaths increased by more than 10% in 2021

Enlarge / Just drive carefully, okay? Getty Images We had an inkling that the traffic statistics for 2021 would be bad. In November last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published data for the first half of that year, ...

Noctua stuck its big brown desktop PC fans on an RTX 3080

Asus has teamed up with renowned fan manufacturer Noctua once again to make a large brown and tan graphics card that should pump out frames while staying relatively quiet. The two companies’ last collaboration was an RTX 3070, but now ...

The best iPhone 13 deals for May 2022

If you’ve been scouring the best iPhones and figured out the iPhone 13 is the one for you, we’ve got all the best iPhone 13 deals neatly rounded up so you don’t have to worry about spending more than you ...

This ARM-Powered Computer Is Powered by Algae

(Photo: P. Bombelli/Energy & Environmental Science)Scientists have found a way to power a low-energy computer chip with algae. Biochemist Christopher Howe led a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge to experiment with photosynthesis as a means of powering ...

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